Louiejay Lomibao

Louiejay Lomibao

How To Use SQLite In Flutter

In this blog, we will learn basic SQLite procedures by constructing our own Flutter application. But first one might ask: What is SQLite? Let’s get into it! Foundationally, SQLite is an open-source database engine built in C. It is not a separate app, but rather a library that software developers incorporate into their applications. As …

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How to Use WebView In Flutter

In today’s blog post, we’re going to tackle WebView and create a Flutter app project with WebView, but first, what is WebView?  Accordingly, a WebView on the Android framework was based on Blink. On the other hand, on Apple, the framework was based on WebKit. Let’s dive more into it! WebView Origin Blink is a …

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Internationalizing Your Flutter App

Not all of your users can speak or read English. That is why internationalizing your Flutter app comes into the picture. But what is internationalization? Basically, people who speak a different language cannot understand your app, thus, it must be internationalized. That implies you must develop the app in a style that allows you to localize values …

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Tips to Make Your Flutter Apps Faster

We’ve been making Flutter apps for a while now, but we never discussed making them faster, which is fine though, because by default Flutter apps run faster already, unless we are unconsciously making bad decisions when writing the code. That is why today we’re going to tackle those bad decisions, and I’ll also give tips to …

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How To Test Your Flutter Apps

Today we’re going to learn how to test your Flutter apps, specifically the performance of the apps. When it comes to mobile apps, user experience is everything. Users want apps to have smooth scrolling and meaningful animations that are devoid of jank, or stuttering, or skipped frames. There are two ways. The first is to personally …

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How To Report Errors In Flutter

Today’s blog post will be about how to report errors in Flutter. While every effort is made to produce bug-free software, bugs are bound to appear from time to time. As a result, defective apps lead to dissatisfied users and customers. It’s critical to identify how frequently your users encounter defects and where those errors …

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