Why You Should Use Flutter


If you want to create an application that can run on both Android and iOS devices, you should definitely get into flutter. If you still don’t know what flutter is, let me tell you about what it really is. Flutter is a cross-platform software development kit that was developed by Google. It uses the programming language Dart to create applications. It is very powerful and reliable, allowing users to build complex prototypes and MVPs as well as complicated applications and games.

Benefits Of Using Flutter

  1. It allows you to experiment with the UI
    Flutter’s Hot Reload feature allows developers to meddle with the UI without having to start from scratch every time. You can change colors, change position of texts, and even relocate some widgets. Seeing changes is very fast, which is why Flutter is very good for developers who like to experiment.
  2. It makes your app very beautiful
    Using Flutter allows your app to have a sleek, modern look that is sure to impress your users
  3. It allows you to see errors as fast as you can
    Due to the emulator feature, you can easily see errors as soon as you make a change in the code. This allows you to debug your code quicker, improving your overall workflow.
  4. Access to a variety of widgets
    Flutter’s pre built widgets saves you time from creating your own custom one. It has a lot of available widgets like the Cupertino Action Sheet, Material Button, FlatButton, and many more. Flutter provides you with abundant materials to make your UI look sleek and modern.
  5. Faster performance and shorter development times
    The reason why Flutter is fast, is because it utilizes Dart programming language, which uses AOT(Ahead-of-time) compilation. AOT allows the code to be compiled into native machine code rather than being interpreted by a virtual machine, resulting in faster performance and shorter development times.


A better understanding of Flutter would make your development process very easy. In this era where people are using various mobile devices, it is better to make an application that will work on multiple gadgets. Once you’ve understood, it makes it easier to reach a global audience on you’ve managed to create an app that works on all screen sizes. I hope that this article inspired you to learn Flutter. Good luck on your learning journey!



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