See all new colors with the “Eye Dropper Extension”

Hello, this is a tutorial and a showcase on how to use the “Eye Dropper” Extension. I hope this tutorial helps you find different colors, colors scheme and experiment their color combination for variety uses. Thank you.


To start it off, go to google and search google chrome extension and search “Eye Dropper” and add it to chrome or click this link to redirect.

How to Use / Features:

After adding it to chrome you can go to your extensions and click the “Eye Dropper” extension to use it.

There are two main features in the extension:

1st is the Eye Dropper:

Just press the “Pick color from web page” and it will eventually show a cursor on your chrome and it will eventually tell you the RGB of the color you hovered on.

2nd is the Color Picker:

Which it allows you to take control on picking the specific color you wanted to use.

I hope this tutorial helps you in finding your own creativity in color as this extension can help you identify the different colors and provides you their code via hsl, rgb, or hex code. Thank you.

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