Puppet Warp in Photoshop

In this demo I will be showing how to use puppet warp. The purpose of this tool is to enable bodily movement manipulation of a subject. Suppose you want to alter the pose of your subject in a photo you can use this tool to help you warp the subject and not distort the photo and look natural.

I will be using a photo from Pexels by Pixabay. Link to the photo is here.

How to Manipulate Body Position using Puppet Warp

First import your photo and right after create a duplicate layer of the photo by using the command Ctrl+J.

Select the duplicated layer and find in the properties panel the quick action Remove background to isolate the subject from the background. This will automatically remove the background and retain the subject.

Now hide the layer by clicking the eye next to it and create a selection of the subject by holding Ctrl and click the mask thumbnail on the layer.

Select the first layer and then expand the selection by pressing Q on your keyboard to enter quick mask and go to Filter>Other>Maximum.

Exit out of the quick mask by pressing Q again and now head to Edit>Content Aware Fill. Make sure you are still on the first layer or the original photo. This option will make a new layer and automatically removing the subject in the photo.

You can now deselect the selection by pressing Ctrl+D and now enable the layer of the subject and convert it into a smart object by clicking right click and choose Convert to Smart Object.

Now that you have prepare your photo you can now warp the subject, select the subject layer and go to Edit>Puppet Warp. Add point to your subject by clicking wherever you want the points should be.

  • To move the part select the point the drag it.
  • To rotate the part hold down alt key and rotate using the mouse.

Once satisfied with the result just hit enter to save your alterations.

The Result

And there you go. You now know how to manipulate a subject using puppet warp. I hope this demo helped you and you can use this in your future project. Remember to keep learning and stay creative.

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