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Mirth Connect is a powerful integration engine designed to facilitate the exchange of health-related information in the healthcare industry. It is developed and maintained by NextGen Healthcare, Inc. and has a robust family of related products that work together seamlessly to provide a comprehensive solution for healthcare organizations.

Here is a closer look at the Mirth Connect family:

Mirth Connect Integration Engine

At the heart of the Mirth Connect family is the integration engine itself. It is a cross-platform solution that can connect various healthcare systems and exchange data between them. It is designed to support different healthcare standards such as HL7, CDA, FHIR, DICOM, and more.

The Mirth Connect engine provides a wide range of functionalities such as message filtering, routing, transformation, validation, and more. It can also integrate with external systems and databases, allowing healthcare organizations to create custom workflows and automate data exchange.

Mirth Connect Server

The Mirth Connect Server is a standalone version of the Mirth Connect engine that can be installed on a server and accessed remotely. It provides a secure and scalable solution for healthcare organizations that need to manage large volumes of health-related data.

This server comes with a web-based interface that allows administrators to manage and monitor the engine, create channels, and configure settings. It also provides advanced features such as clustering, load balancing, and failover, ensuring high availability and performance.

Mirth Connect Administrator

The Mirth Connect Administrator is a web-based tool used to manage and configure Mirth Connect. It provides a user-friendly interface that allows administrators to create, deploy, and manage channels, monitor system performance, and troubleshoot issues.

It also provides access to a repository of pre-built channels and templates that can be customized to meet the specific needs of healthcare organizations. It also provides an extensive library of connectors and extensions that can be used to connect with different healthcare systems and data sources.

Mirth Connect Channels
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Mirth Connect Channels are workflows or pipelines that can be created within Mirth Connect to perform specific tasks such as transforming, validating, or routing messages. Channels are highly configurable, allowing healthcare organizations to create custom workflows that meet their specific needs.

These channels can be created using a drag-and-drop interface, making it easy for administrators to create and deploy new channels. They can also be shared between different instances of Mirth Connect, allowing healthcare organizations to reuse workflows across different environments.

Mirth Connect Connectors
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Mirth Connect Connectors are modules that allow Mirth Connect to connect to different types of healthcare systems and data sources, such as EHRs, HIS, or lab systems. They provide a standardized interface that makes it easy for Mirth Connect to communicate with external systems.

Mirth Connect Connectors support a wide range of healthcare standards and protocols, including HL7v2, HL7v3, CDA, FHIR, DICOM, X12, and more. They also provide support for various transport mechanisms such as TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP, and more.

Mirth Connect Extensions
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Mirth Connect Extensions are additional modules that can be added to Mirth Connect to extend its functionality. They provide support for specific healthcare standards or protocols, allowing healthcare organizations to meet specific compliance requirements.

Mirth Connect Extensions support a wide range of healthcare standards and protocols, including FHIR, DICOM, HL7v2, and more. They also provide support for various transport mechanisms such as TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP, and more.


We therefore conclude that this software application provides comprehensive set of tools and features for managing healthcare organizations and exchange health related information

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