How to reset your network adapter in Windows 11

Network adapters are one of the many pieces that connect us to the internet. They’re usually an antenna or card built into your device but can also be plug-in USB dongles or antennae that allow purely wired devices to receive data wirelessly.

The easy method in Windows 11 for resetting your network adapter.

Left click on the Start button to bring up the Start menu and select Settings in the pinned apps.

In the left-hand column, left click on the Network and internet category.

In the right-hand column, left-click on Network reset.

Left-click on Reset now. You will get a prompt asking you are sure you want to reset your network settings.

Left click on Yes, and your computer will restart within five (5) minutes.

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The  advanced method for Windows 11 network adapter reset

You may view and change your computer’s network configuration using the Netsh (Network Shell) command-line tool that comes with Windows 11. The TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) stack’s default settings are typically restored using Netsh. You must use an administrative-level command prompt because Netsh is a command-line program.

Netsh commands for Windows 11 network adapter reset.

Restores the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security policy to the default policy. The current active policy can be optionally exported to a specified file.
Removes all user-configured IPv4 (Internet Protocol version 4) settings. Restarting the computer is required before the default settings take effect.
Removes all user-configured IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) settings. Restarting the computer is required before the default settings take effect.
Resets Winsock Catalog to a clean state. All Winsock Layered Service Providers, which were previously installed, must be reinstalled.


If you’re trying to connect to the Internet, there are a lot of things that can be getting in the way. It could be as easy as a misconfigured firewall or a misconfigured proxy However, a sizable part of all network issues with Windows 11 can be fixed simply resetting the network adapter. Also, there are two separate approaches: Basic and Advanced.

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