How the Share Wi-Fi Data Via Bluetooth

Tethering, or phone-as-modem (PAM), is the process of sharing of a mobile device’s Internet connection with another device, say, a cellphone or computer. Bluetooth tethering is one of the ways of sharing the wireless connection of an Android device with another device using Bluetooth.

Bluetooth tethering on the phone

Steps for Bluetooth tethering on phone are as follows:

Step 1: Turn on Bluetooth on both the phones. Open Bluetooth settings and keep both devices as Discoverable. You can do this via Settings->Bluetooth->Turn on. Keep this screen open (Fig. 1).

Turning on Bluetooth

Step 2: Pair the two devices. When Phone 1 is discovered by Phone 2, and vice-versa, a Bluetooth pairing code will ask for confirmation on both devices. Tap on Pair (Fig. 2).

Sending Bluetooth pairing request

Step 3: Turn on Bluetooth tethering in Phone 1 from Settings->More->Tethering & Mobile Hotspot->Turn on Bluetooth tethering (Fig. 3).

Turning on Bluetooth tethering in Phone 1

Step 4: Open Bluetooth settings (mentioned in Step 1) on both phones and keep them Discoverable. Tap on Phone 2 name in Phone 1 to allow it to use data via Bluetooth tethering (Fig. 4).

Connecting Phone 1 with Phone 2 via Bluetooth tethering

Step 5: Since Phone 2 is connected to Phone 1 via Bluetooth tethering, it can now access Internet.


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