Creating Intersecting selection in Photoshop

In this demo I will be showing you how to create an intersecting selection in photoshop. This will help you select an object with precision and accurate to the subject in your image.

I will be using a photo from Pexels by Wendel Moretti.

Intersecting Selection in Photoshop

First grab the ellipse marquee tool and select the eye in the photo. Resize the selection according to the scale of the object. You can hold down space bar to move your selection to align to the image properly.

Now to create a intersecting selection, with the same ellipse marquee tool hold down alt+shift and create a selection with the iris of the eye intersecting the first selection.

Great job you have successfully created an intersecting selection. This technique can be very useful if you wish to select a subject with in your image with exact precision. You do not need to freehand your selection and end up with an unsatisfying result. You can now incorporate this to your future projects. Always remember to keep learning and stay creative.

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