In Windows 11, how can you change the color of highlighted and non-highlighted text?

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The default colors for non-highlighted and highlighted text in Windows 11 are black and white. And, while there are no special choices in Windows for modifying the text color scheme, you may change the color of highlighted and non-highlighted text.

The “Colors” key in the registry has two string values that you may alter to change the color of the text in Windows. In this article, we’ll look at how to alter the colors of highlighted and non-highlighted text in Windows 11 by adjusting two string values in Registry Editor. This allows you to alter the text color to anything you choose.

How to Determine the RGB Color Value of Your Text

To begin, you’ll need a few RGB (red, green, blue) color values to adjust the highlighted and non-highlighted text. These are the color codes you’ll need to update in the Registry Editor to change the needed string values. Such codes may be obtained using an online RGB color code picker such as this:

1. Navigate to the RGB Color Codes Chart page.

2. To choose a color, left-click and drag the little circle on the palette. You may also move the color bar sliders up and down.

3. Enter the three numbers from the R, G, and B boxes into a text document in a word processor. These three numbers will be added together to form a single RGB (red first, green second, and blue third) value, such as 158 216 56.

4. Using the Ctrl + C keyboard, copy the specified RGB value into the word processor where you wish to modify the text color. You may copy and paste that value into the necessary text area later.

5. To acquire a second RGB color value for text, repeat the preceding procedures.

How to Change the Color of Highlighted Text

When you move the blue highlighting box over text in programs like Run and File Explorer, it turns white. If you want a different color for highlighted text, adjust the value of the HilightText string. In the Registry Editor, modify the string value as follows:

1. Click Start with your mouse’s right button and select Search.

2. Input the search phrase Registry Editor inside the text box.

3. Click Run as administrator.

4. Click in the Registry Editor’s address bar, and erase the current text in it. Then input Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Colors in that address bar and press Enter.

5. Select the Colors key, then double-click the HilightText string it contains.

6. Delete the box’s current value.

7. Then, as seen right below, use Ctrl + V to enter your copied RGB code from the color chart into the Value field.

8. Within HilightText’s Edit String box, click the OK button.

9. Close the Registry Editor application.

10. Select Restart Windows from the Power button in your Start menu.

Examine your new highlighted text color on Windows now. Press Windows + R, then type something into the Run box. Use the cursor to highlight the text to observe how its color has changed. In both File Explorer’s folder location bar and the Registry Editor, the highlighted text color will have changed.

In Windows, you can reverse the HilightText string to its original value to restore the original highlighted text color. Return to the Colors key, double-click HilightText, and enter the default RGB value of 255 255 255. Click OK to save the value you entered and restart your computer.

How to Change the Color of Non-Highlighted Window Text

In Windows 11, you may perform the same thing to alter the color of non-highlighted text. To do so, navigate to the  Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Colors registry key, as described before. Then, as illustrated below, double-click the Colors key’s WindowText string. Paste the RGB value you copied to the clipboard into the Value box, then click the OK button.

Restart your Windows 11 computer to implement the registry change. By reopening the Registry Editor, you’ll see that the window text color has changed. The text in the right pane of the Registry Editor will have changed. If you ever wish to restore the original text color, the default value for the WindowText string in the Colors key is 0 0 0.

In Windows, the color of non-highlighted text does not change across the board. For example, the text in the search utility will remain black. You will, however, notice a change in built-in programs such as Task Manager, Run, Disk Cleanup, MSConfig, and File Explorer, among others.

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