How To Use Google Search Operators: BEFORE: and AFTER:

Google Search operators are a combination of symbols and special commands that enhance and filter your internet search results. They enable you to use Google more precisely and efficiently by concentrating on specific keywords and eliminating others. This article will show you how to effectively use the BEFORE: and AFTER: operators.


If for some reason you want to look for articles from months or years ago – perhaps you got a little bored and wanted to do a compare and contrast about two topics – then there’s an operator that can do just that.

BEFORE: operator searches for results before a specified date.


Picture this, you’re back to the time when you where just a simple student, tasked to do your research about a particular subject. Your teacher told you that sources must be at most written five years ago. You don’t have the time to clink on every link and hoping that it has a date or wasn’t written in the early nineties.

Or you’re searching for news and would rather avoid outdated articles.

Now you won’t have to worry anymore.

AFTER: operator searches for results after a specified date.

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