How To Transfer Data From One User to Another in Windows 10?

Sometimes, more than one people share the same computer. To protect the privacy of each member, it’s good to make their user account. Only with a login password or granted permission from user A, user B can get free access to user A’s files and installed programs.

However, things can be different. For example, to fix a corrupt user profile, one of the most suggested ways is to create a new account. In this regard, people have to take a further step to move all necessary files and programs from the old user account to the newly created one.

But how?

Method 1. Copy and paste data from one user to another.

The simplest way of sharing files between users in Windows 10. You can log in with an administrator account, and then copy the targeted files to another account. 

1. Open File Explorer and go to C:\Users.
2. Copy the files and choose the new folder to paste.

To transfer data from one account to another, you must use an administrator account, otherwise copy and paste will be invalid. So if copy and paste don’t work, what should I do? You can turn to Method 2 for copying the user profile in Windows 10/11.

Method 2. Using Control Panel.

Step 1. Enter the Control Panel in the search box.

Step 2. Select System on the interface.

Step 3. Click Advanced System Settings.

Step 4. Choose Settings under the User Profiles.

Step 5. Choose the profile you want to copy, and then click Copy to.

Step 6. Select Browse to or enter the folder name, and then click OK.

Now all the data that you have copied from the first user account can be visited on another user account.


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