How to send emails to your gmail Folders directly with cpanel

In order to configure your Gmail settings and create filters for better email management, follow these simple steps. By accessing your Gmail account and utilizing the settings options, you can optimize your email experience. This guide will walk you through the process, starting with clicking on the settings button in your Gmail account.

Go to your Gmail and click the settings button
Next, press see all settings
Then, proceed to filters and blocked address
Enter your email address from cPanel
Lastly, tick the box of apply the label and select your own label
A quick testing of our configuration

By following these steps and configuring the necessary settings in your Gmail account, you can enhance your email management and ensure important messages are organized and easily accessible. Remember to regularly review and update your filters and settings to keep up with changing needs. With a little time and effort invested in setting up your Gmail filters, you can enjoy a more streamlined and efficient email workflow. So, head over to your Gmail now, click on the settings button, and start customizing your email experience!

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