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How To Install PHP 5.3.29 in Ubuntu 20.04

We all know that PHP 5.3.29 is an outdated version, and it is strongly recommended to use a more recent and supported version of PHP due to security and performance reasons.

If you specifically require PHP 5.3.29, please note that installing it on a modern Ubuntu 20.04 system may not be straightforward.

The purpose of this tutorial is to help you setup this kind of version just by using the Ubuntu terminal.

  • The first step is to install the necessary packages.
sudo apt-get install build-essential libxml2-dev checkinstall
  • Next, access the source code archive online and download it.
cd /tmp && wget
  • Input this code to extract it after downloading. Then access it by its default directory name.
tar -xvf php-5.3.29.tar.bz2
cd php-5.3.29
  • After accessing the directory, check if the prerequisites are met to easily convert it into a binary source. This may take a while but its okay!
  • We need to create the a package using this command in order to properly install the php 5.3.29
sudo checkinstall  
  • To further check if there are any missing packages input this command so that it will install any packages left for the process.
sudo apt-get install -f

If you specifically require PHP 5.3.29, navigating through the installation process may involve additional steps and caution. It’s crucial to be aware of the potential challenges associated with using outdated software versions.

Remember: This works for Ubuntu 20.04, other older versions are yet to be tried upon this installation.

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