How to Install Oracle VirtualBox

A VirtualBox allows an entire operating system referred as “guest” to run on another operating system referred as “host“.

Step 1: Visit the website Choose and download the hosts of your system under the platform packages.

Step 2: After installation, you can start Oracle VM VirtualBox as follows:

  • On a Windows host, in the Programs menu, click on the item in the VirtualBox  or you can also enter VirtualBox in the search box of the Start menu.
  • On a Mac OS X host, in the Finder, double-click on the VirtualBox item in the Applications folder.
  • On a Linux or Oracle Solaris host, an Oracle VM VirtualBox item may have been placed in either the System or System Tools group of your Applications menu. Otherwise, you can enter VirtualBox in a terminal window.

Step 3: When you start Oracle VirtualBox, a window will be shown called the VirtualBox Manager . The left pane of the window will show the list of VMs that you will create.

On the other hand, the buttons on the right pane are used to create and work with VMs.

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