[Tutorial] Installing Ubuntu 20.04 using Oracle VirtualBox

Well, if you are beginning developer and planning to have an operating system primarily for personal computers as well as to setup servers, Ubuntu is very good choice. In this blog, we will show you on how to install Ubuntu 20.04 in your Windows 10 using Oracle Virtual Box.

Note: You must first install Oracle Virtual Box on your Windows 10 before taking the following steps.

  1. Download Ubuntu Desktop
    Go to this website https://ubuntu.com/download/desktop and click Download on the latest version which is Ubuntu 20.04. This will automatically be downloaded on your desktop.
  2. Open Oracle VirtualBox
    When the download is done, proceed to open your VirtualBox. Click “New” and type on Ubuntu on the Name Section. You will notice that the VirtualBox will automatically detect its Type (Linux). Click on Next after completing this step.
  3. Setting the Memory Size and Hard Disk
    Following the previous procedure, in this part you will be ask to set the memory size. Note that this depends on the size of your device, however the recommended memory size is 1024 MB. By clicking next, you will setting up also the Hard Disk. Choose “Create Virtual Hard Disk Now” and click Create. This time, choose VirtualBox Disk Image (VDI) and proceed to Next. For the file location and size, again, this depends on the size of as said earlier. You can also select to which folder you will place the created disk. After completing this, click on Create and the next will be shown is to select the start-up disk. After choosing the Host Drive, click Start.
  4. Installing the Ubuntu
    After the series of steps, you will be then directed to choose either “Try Ubuntu” or “Install Ubuntu”. Since our main goal here is to install the Ubuntu, choose the latter. Just follow the remaining steps and for the Installation Type, just choose the “Erase Disk and Install Ubuntu”, then click Install Now.
    Note: Don’t worry it will not delete your program and files, because this only covers for the Virtual Hard Disk.
  5. Completing the Installation
    Finally, you will be then asked some information. Just setup your username as well as strong password, and then click Continue. Wait until the installation is complete to which will take up to several minutes. Once finished, you will be required to restart the Ubuntu. And yes, you successfully installed Ubuntu.

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