How to fix screen overflow in Flutter using SingleChildScrollView

Flutter experiences screen overflow when a widget’s content surpasses the available space on the screen due to either oversized content or a small device screen. Various techniques exist in Flutter to deal with screen overflow, including the use of widgets such as SingleChildScrollView, ListView, Column or Row with Expanded, FittedBox, and MediaQuery.

The Problem

As you can see, the bottom part contains a black and yellow stripe indicating an overflow.

The Fix

Firstly, go to your VS Code and find the source using widget inspector. When the widget inspector was clicked, it highlighted the “child: column” part of the code.
Secondly, right click on column part and press refactor
Next, select wrap with widget
After that, change the name of new widget to SingleChildScrollView
The bottom is now visible


There are many options to choose from but SingleChildScrollView widget proves to be highly valuable in cases where the content’s size is variable and unknown, and it exceeds the available screen space. It automatically incorporates scrolling functionality to a single child widget by surrounding it. By doing this simple steps, fixing the overlay will be done easily.


Source code from: 🔒📱 Modern Login UI • Flutter Auth Tutorial ♡ – YouTube

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