How to Fix Bad Sectors on a Hard Drive That Causes Performance Issues

Bad Sector

A bad sector on a hard drive is simply a small cluster of
storage space — a sector — on the hard drive that appears to be faulty.
Requests to read or write will be ignored by the sector.

Both traditional magnetic hard drives and modern solid-state
drives can have bad sectors. There are two kinds of bad sectors: those caused
by physical damage that cannot be repaired and those caused by software errors
that can be fixed.

Fix Bad Sectors:

  1. Choose Command Prompt by pressing Windows + X. (Admin).
  2. In the black window, enter the command [drive letter:] + chkdsk /[f/r]. To be more specific, let’s say the required drive letter is E. (Provigil) As a result, you must enter the command line as follows: E: chkdsk /f (this is for finding and repairing errors on drive E), E: chkdsk /r (this is for locating bad sectors and recovering readable information)
  3. Enter your password. Allow some time for the command to take effect.


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