How to disable laptop keyboard in ubuntu using terminal

Disabling a laptop keyboard is not a difficult thing. You need to disable your keyboard for many reasons like replacing it with an external keyboard due to dead keys or the entire keyboard is not working. You want to clean your keyboard without turning your laptop off.

This article will help you to temporarily and permanently disable your built-in keyboard in ubuntu using a terminal.

Method 1 (Temporary)

Steps 1

Open your terminal and run this command:

xinput --list

This command will show the list of all input devices such as mouses, keyboards, and touchpads

Step 2

To disable the keyboard, find the AT Translated Set 2 keyboard and its id. Type this command to disable:

xinput float <id_number>

Try typing on your laptop keyboard. as of now, it should be disabled.

To enable again, type this command:

xinput reattach <id_number> <slave keyboard number>

Method 2 (Permanent)

Step 1

For the permanent method, I use software that runs automatically when the os is boot. It is called Startup Application Preference. It is a default software in ubuntu os for running a command when the ubuntu is booted.

Add the command from method 1 by clicking the “Add” button

It will show another tab. Enter the required fields.

Name – This could be anything, just enter a name that could help you determine the command itself.
Command – Enter the xinput float <id_number> command
Comment – This field is optional

Click the Add button and your command will automatically run when you boot up. Just make sure it has a check on the checkbox. Fildena 100


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