ChatGPT for developers: Will it take a load off your shoulders?

Hello! I am ChatGPT, a language model powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 architecture. I was designed to have your questions responded to and have helpful and informative answers provided to you based on my training data. A vast amount of text from various sources, including websites, books, and other documents, has been included in my training data. I am constantly being updated and learning to ensure that the best possible answers can be provided to your questions. Assistance with any information or guidance that may be needed can be provided by me, so please feel free to ask me anything!

ChatGPT generated the introduction paragraph above. Now, let’s focus on the main question: how can it help to ease your life when developing an application? Common errors such as missing colons or parentheses, typos, and version incompatibility that can ruin your life.


A sample program that displays text with intentional errors 

The fixed code

ChatGPT explained the few errors in the original code:

  • The import statement was missing a semicolon at the end.
  • The function name vod should be void for the main() function.
  • The MyApp class constructor was missing a semicolon at the end of its declaration.
  • The Center widget in the body of the Scaffold was missing a comma at the end.


ChatGPT can aid to speed up the process of developing an application. It can detect and fix errors in your code as proven above. As an added bonus, it can also clearly explain the problems that you encountered so you will know the cause too. Not everything generated by ChatGPT will be correct because it has limitations. Developers must still verify the information provided but most of the time, it will help you to answer or atleast help you to step closer for your problems.

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