Advantages of using Golang

Go is an open-source programming language focused on simplicity, reliability, and efficiency. Go became an open-source project and was released publicly in 2012.


Golang is a compiled language, which means the code written is directly translated into formats that a processor understands. Also, Go has been proven to be generally faster than languages like Java and Python, which enhances the availability and reliability of services.

Easy To Learn

Using Go is easy for software developers especially if they have solid foundation in C or Java.


The Go language has Goroutines, which are basically functions that can run simultaneously and independently.

Goroutines take up only 2 kB of memory, which makes it scalable when the need for running multiple concurrent processes arise. You can run millions of GoRoutines without crashing the system.

Comprehensive Programming Tools

It is an open-source initiative, which means you’ll have no issues in getting the development tools for your team. There are various editors, IDEs, and plugins that you can download from the GitHub repository for Go.

Growing Pool of Talent

According to Hired, Go is the #1 most in-demand programming language across the planet. Companies are gaining more awareness of how beneficial using Golang can be for their businesses.

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