What are Utterances, Intents and Entities in Chatbot?

Whenever you are starting to learn about chatbots and natural language processing, somewhat you will found new vocabulary words a bit confusing. But like any technical field, a shared vocabulary makes it easier to communicate efficiently. Here are the the most important terms that will be explained for you to be able to easily understand it.


Anything the user says. For example if a user types “ Show me the list of menu.”, the entire sentence is the utterance.


An intent is the user’s intention. For example, if a user types “ Show me the list of menu. ”, the user’s intent is to see the list of menu for him to order. Intents are given a name, often a verb and a noun, such as “#menu_list”.


An entity modifies an intent. For example, if a user types “Show me the list of menu. ”, the entities is “menu”. Entities are given a name, such as “@menu” . Entities are sometimes referred to as slots.

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