Why is Flutter the Ideal Technology that Startups Can Choose for App Development?

Flutter has emerged as one of the leading mobile app development technologies that continue to remain popular for a wide range of projects across the spectrum. Many regard Flutter to be revolutionary and era-defining simply for the ease of building cross-platform apps with native user experience.

Flutter is Great for Building MVP

Flutter ever since its launch in 2018 became popular for building high-performance apps in a quick time. This made it an ideal technology solution for developing an MVP app.

Flutter comes loaded with an array of advanced features, several helpful widgets, out of the box bug fixes, and many more. The best thing is, it comes as an open-source and free technology. All these made flutter an ideal solution for building a minimalist MVP app at a quick time and with a limited budget.

Cross-Platform Development without Sacrificing Native Experience

You can build mobile apps that can run on both Android and iOS. But while building an app for different platforms, the app never fails to deliver a consistent native user experience with platform-specific attributes. Instead of hiring different development teams for separate platforms, a startup can build an app with a native look and feel for different platforms.

Lesser Cost of Development

Lower learning curve and compatibility with multiple platforms and devices made Flutter an ideal choice for low-budget app projects and startups. The framework is easier for implementation and understanding and comes with a whole reserve of out of the box features that help faster development without incurring any additional cost. The reusability of components and platform-ready native features makes easier development of features for specific OS systems. An array of pre-designed tools and ready to use components help flutter app developers to complete development with unprecedented ease.

Faster and Easier Testing

Since a Flutter app is built with a single codebase following a particular set of practices, testing the app is easier and requires less time and effort. When Flutter is used for creating two distinct apps for two different OS platforms, different codebases are not required testing across different platforms. This not only helps smooth app testing but also makes updating and changes easier.

High Performance and Efficient

With Flutter, you can build apps that stay competitive to APIs built with robust frameworks such as Vue or React. Thanks to custom widgets, Flutter also provides an excellent platform optimized design.

Firebase As The Backend

Firebase, which is a robust backend solution from Google, comes packed with Flutter, and this makes the framework an even more compelling choice for the app development companies. Coupled with Firebase, Flutter delivers a robust and out of the box cloud support, realtime database, hosting solution, user authentication protocols, and several other key backend features.

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