Exploring the Different types of User Interface (UI)

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User Interface or UI it the way in which a user/human interacts with a machine such as mobile phones, computers, tablets, etc. UI makes it possible for users and machine to exchange inputs and without it, the vital form of communication will not exist.

That being said, there are 4 prevalent types of User Interface and as we discuss them, we’ll now the advantages of each.

Command Line Interface

This requires the users to type appropriate instructions into the command line. The computer is commanded to first go to the required file or directory and from there, a whole host of command becomes available such as retrieving files to running programs. Although this type of Interface is no longer common as a form of basic user interface, it is still in use under certain circumstances.

Graphical User Interface

Graphical User Interface or GUI is the most common known of majority of the people. Users can interact with these interfaces by pointing and clicking on graphics or icons using a mouse or trackpad.

Touchscreen Graphical User Interface

It is very similar to GUI except that users must use their fingers or stylus to select icons and perform tasks rather than using a mouse or trackpad. Touchscreen GUIs are commonly found on devices that are touchscreen-based. They also has the same benefits as the standard GUI but it offers more intimate method of interaction.

Menu-Driven Interface

This type of Interface provides users with a wide range of commands or options in the form of a list of menu showed in full-screen, pull-down, pop-up or drop down. An example of menu-driven interface is an ATM Machine.

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