When on The Internet, Beware of Cyberattacks

In the recent attack on the Linus Tech Tips YouTube channel shows the increasing threat of cyber-attacks. The need for additional security measures is much more needed than ever. In a video posted by Linus Tech Tips, Linus shares how his channel was deleted and the lessons learned from the experience. The attack on the channel was not unique and is becoming more common on YouTube. The cyberattack started in the early morning when their account is renamed to Tesla. After renaming the channel it started streaming a podcast-style recording of Elon Musk discussing cryptocurrency. The stream was linked to a scam website claiming that for every one Bitcoin sent, they would return double.

The attack on the channel was not unique and is becoming more common on YouTube. The video shares the motive for these attacks, the process changes that YouTube and its users need to make. And how the community can work together to protect one another from bad actors. The video shows importance of two-factor authentication, but warns that not all factors or additional authentication elements are equally secure. Even with strong passwords and multi-factor authentication, they are not impenetrable.

The attack on Linus Tech Tips shows that attackers can bypass things like passwords and 2FA by targeting the thing known as session token.

What is Session Token?

Session tokens are created after a user logs into a website and their credentials have been validated. This allows the user to stay logged in. This token is stored locally on the user’s device, which can be compromised if a virus or malware or a phishing scam is executed.

Linus admitted that he learned the hard way about the breed of attacks that bypass trivial things like passwords and 2FA. The attack on the channel happened because someone on their team downloaded a malware disguised as a sponsorship offer from a potential partner. The malware accessed all user data from both of their installed browsers, including locally saved passwords, cookies, and browser preferences.


This simply highlights the importance of cybersecurity and the need for regular checks to protect both business and personal accounts. Strong passwords, multi-factor authentication, and being cautious of emails, links, or downloads from unknown sources are all vital. The video emphasizes the need of the community working together to inform and protect one another from bad individuals. The lesson from this experience is that a cyberattacks will come, not just if, but when. Being prepared is always our ultimate defense.


My Channel Was Deleted Last Night – Linus Tech Tips

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