What’s new in android 12?

Android 12 features, enhancements leaked before launch - Android Community

Android 12 was officially released last October 4, 2021. The operating system is live at the Android Open-Source Project (AOSP) as of now. Once it’s final, the stable version is up and ready for you to download. If you have a recent Google Pixel, you can install Android 12 on your device right now. It is also available for a select few devices from other OEMs.

User experience Features:

  • Custom notifications

Android 12 changes the appearance and behavior of fully custom notifications. Previously, custom notifications were able to use the entire notification area and provide their own layouts and styles. This resulted in anti-patterns that could confuse users or cause layout compatibility issues on different devices.

  • Android App Links verification changes

On apps that target Android 12 or higher, the system makes several changes to how Android App Links are verified. These changes improve the reliability of the app-linking experience and provide more control to app developers and end users.

  • Picture-in-picture behavior improvements

Android 12 introduces behavior improvements for picture-in-picture (PiP) mode.

Security and Privacy

Approximate Location

Modern SameSite Cookies in Webview

Motion sensors are rate-limited

App hibernation

Attribution declaration in data access auditing

ADB backup restriction

Safer component exporting

Pending intents mutability

Unsafe Intent launches


Foreground service launch restrictions

Exact alarm permission

Notification trampoline restrictions

Backup and Restore

D2D transfer functionality changes

New include and exclude format


Concurrent Peer-to-peer + Internet Connection

mDNS Responder native API

Vendor Libraries

Vendor-supplied native shared libraries

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