What is Sentiment Analysis? What are the benefits?

A sentiment analysis tool analyzes text and statistics to determine whether a piece of content is positive, negative, or neutral. This technique, also known as opinion mining or emotion artificial intelligence, falls under the category of natural language processing (NLP). Scientists and scholars utilize this tool to methodically detect, isolate, measure, and examine emotional states and personal opinions.

Benefits of using sentiment analysis

Improved Service

When using sentiment analysis, the feedback of people is gathered. From that data, a government agency can make decisions to improve their services if they see that their people are not happy. It will benefit both the people and the government agency.

Customer Satisfaction

Aside from turning profit, businesses can use Sentiment Analysis to see their customers smiling. By doing so, it will attract more customers and retain clients.

Increased sales

Going back to the roots of why businesses are created, to get more money. A business can use the information from Sentiment Analysis to know if their product need improvement, to see their strengths and weaknesses.


Businesses and government agencies are not the only beneficiary of Sentiment Analysis. An example would be when buying from an online shopping platform, what is the deciding factor to buy from that seller? We look on the reviews of other people and that is Sentiment Analysis.


Sentiment analysis enables government agencies and businesses to gather feedback from people and make data-driven decisions to improve their services, thereby increasing customer satisfaction, attracting more customers, retaining existing ones, identifying areas for product improvement, and building trust between sellers and buyers in online shopping platforms. By analyzing the sentiment of text and statistics, sentiment analysis provides insights that benefit both the people and the organizations that serve them.

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