What Is Network Management?

The network management system is the routing system that requires special attention in all areas. The routing process aids in the selection of a path within a computer for a network design. The designed path can be used to send and receive data between networks. In the area of network management, routing emphasizes the use of nodes. Routing is one of the processes that people use to select the path within a computer network that will help send data back and forth between computers. Network security management is important in another aspect that main aim of the field is to provide security protection for the network from any unauthorized access. The configuration management affects both the security and the quality of system management. It is one of the critical departments in charge of security features. Everyone will be within the business network of the process that controls everything, and any changes in software, hardware, and documentation will be reflected in all of these business systems.

If there is a change in the company’s net system and their growth, the team takes full responsibility for managing the configurations provided by management and maintaining both security and quality.

What is network management

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