What is Chatbot and What are the Benefits of Using it?

A chatbot is artificial intelligence (AI) software that can simulate a natural language conversation (or chat) with a user via messaging apps, websites, mobile apps, or the telephone.

Main Benefits of Chatbots

1. 24-hour availability

Chatbots offer a 24/7 response system, thus also providing continued communication between your business and your customers. It is a well-known fact that customers do not like to wait to find the most basic answers to their questions. The situation is even worse with frustrated customers.

2. Instant answers

Chatbots can answer thousands of queries at once, whereas operators can only focus on one consumer at a time. Thanks to the internet, software systems, and the cloud’s speed, chatbots can deliver fast responses to many consumers.

3. Personalized outreach

Chatbots can also collect and process a large amount of client data, which they can then utilize to customise outreach.

The basic algorithms capture conventional data such as an email address, location, or the devices that customers use, while the sophisticated algorithms can even learn what customers think about specific products and services, as well as what they are looking for, or what challenges they are facing.

All these can be later used to predict customer behavior, offer personalized recommendations, or even improve products and services to make them more appealing to the target audience’s preferences.

4. Endless patience and elimination of human errors

While customer service professionals can become frustrated and lose their patience depending on the situation, chatbots do not have this problem.

Another, equally important benefit of chatbots is that they reduce human error. While your customer service representatives may forget things or make mistakes, chatbots are machines that rarely make mistakes.

5. Positive impact on SEO ranking

Chatbots also have a favorable impact on SEO rankings. A chatbot can help you increase your SEO ranking, but only if it improves your site’s consumer experience and is employed correctly. Here are a few advantages that a chatbot could provide:

  • Increasing time spent on a landing page
  • Better ratings


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