Vegas Pro 17: A Video Editing Software – Pros & Cons

Vegas Pro 17 Logo

Vegas Pro 17 is a popular video editing software that is used by both amateurs and professionals. Here are some of the pros and cons to consider on using Vegas Pro 17 and help you decide whether if it is right for you or not.


1. User-friendly interface – With its clean and intuitive layout, Vegas Pro makes it easier for inexperience editors to explore.

2. Wide range format support – Vegas Pro 17 supports a wide range of video format including 4K, 3D, and 360-degree video.

3. Offers advanced features – This software offers advanced features such as as motion tracking, color correction, and audio editing, it’s a versatile and powerful solution for all your video editing needs.

4. Fast and Efficient – Since Vegas Pro 17 focuses on high performance, It allows you to complete large projects with ease.


1. High Cost – Compared to the other video editing software, though Vegas Pro 17 offers a wide range of features, it is not free and this could become a drawback for those people who are on a tight budget.

2. Advanced Features are hard to master – Considering the user friendly interface, some of the advanced features can be difficult to master. Resulting to beginners having a rough time learning these features.

3. Limited Plug-in support – The number of plug-ins that are available in Vegas Pro 17 is limited thus, can limiting its versatility and flexibility.

Vegas Pro 17 is a powerful editing software that offers plenty of features that can be utilized by amateurs and professionals. Even if there are some cons, it is still be worth using.

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