Top JavaScript Frameworks

JavaScript frameworks are tools which lets developers work with JavaScript smooth and easy. These frameworks makes the application as a device responsive which is a great help for the users. Since it is responsive, JavaScript frameworks are quite popular when it comes to the usage of a high-level machine language.

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  1. Angular
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It is one of the most used, efficient and powerful JavaScript framework. This framework is being operated by Google and it is used in developing a Single Page Application (SPA). It develops the HTML into an application and rewrite the indicators to carry out data binding.

2. React

React.js was create by Facebook and gained popularity right after. It can update and render the best components efficiently when the data changes. React makes it less complicated for the developers to create interactive User Interface (UI) since it is used in developing and operating UI of the same web pages with high incoming traffic.

3. Vue.js

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This framework has dual integration mode which made it popular in creating high-end Single Page Application. Its component system is responsive and high decoupling. This framework also extends it functionalities and the parts work well once the modules are all included.

4. Ember.js

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This framework was first introduced in 2015 and it is known for its wide application area. It supports two-way data binding and it establish a reliable platform which is used for handling complicated UIs. In the matter of fact, websites that people commonly use such as Netflix and Nordstrom used Ember.js as the platform of their websites.

5. Meteor

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This framework covers the most significant portion of the software development. Meteor include areas like back-end developing, database management, front-end rendering and business logic. It is also an open-source Isomorphic Development Ecosystem which facilitates real-time web application building. The framework provides several built-in features including automatic CSS and reactive templates.

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