Top 10 Most Common Cybercrimes by Offense

Cybercrime is an illegal or criminal activity that uses computer or any networked device. There is a lot of illegal activities such as fraud, trafficking child pornography, stealing identity, cyberbullying, and online scam.

The Top 10 Most Common Cybercrimes by Offense reported according to PNP Anti Cybercrime Group.

Online Scam

Online Libel

Computer-related Identity Theft

RA 9995

Illegal Access

Credit Card fraud

Online Threat

Unjust Vexation


Robbery with intimidation of persons

To protect yourself against cybercrime here are some important tips for you:

Never give your personal information to a stranger online.

Do not click or open any untrusted website or spam emails.

Do not trust your money to any unbelievable investment plan.

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