the YouTube dislike button is back! with the return YouTube dislike chrome extension

Do you also watch a lot of tutorials on YouTube and don’t know if it is a scam or not? Have you always wanted to bring back the dislike button ever since YouTube removed it in 2021? Well, here is the return YouTube dislike extension and it may seem a as a small feature but even small could provide a big impact so let’s explore the extension.


To start it off, go to google and search google chrome extension and search “Return YouTube Dislike” and add it to chrome or click this link to redirect.

How to use it:

After adding the extension to chrome it will automatically apply or take effect to your youtube dislike button.


Select the Return Youtube Dislike extension and open the settings:

Settings features:

* You can change the number format of the dislike button between (123,456, 123 thousand and, 123K)

* You are also allowed to Colored ratio bar and colorized dislike thumb after disliking

* You can also enable the percentage in like and dislike with its own formats:


The Dislike button in YouTube has always been a key part of every YouTube as the dislike button provides feedback from the users and the content creator. For me the YouTube dislike may be a small feature for YouTube but it helped me find a good quality YouTube video whether if it is a trusted tutorial or not as I always look into 3 factors if the content creator is trusted or not (subscribers, views, and the like/dislike ratio,). So say hello again to the dislike YouTube button, hope this blog helps.

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