Reduce Microphone Background Noise on a PC

Like previous Windows 7, Windows 10 has several built-in microphone options to reduce microphone background noise. The exact options available depend on your PC’s sound hardware and the manufacturer’s audio driver.

These options are in the traditional control panel. Not available in the new settings app. To find them, open the Control Panel from the Start menu and go to Hardware and Sound> Sound. In the Sound window, click the Recording tab, select your microphone device, and click Properties.

Opening Sound options in Windows 10's Control Panel

Click the “Recording” tab in the Sound window, select your microphone device, and click “Properties.”

Launching a microphone device's properties window

Click the “Levels” tab. If you’re dealing with background noise, try lowering the Microphone Boost option—perhaps to +10.0 dB instead of +20.dB. This makes the microphone more sensitive, which means it will have an easier time hearing you, but it will also pick up more background noises.

After reducing the microphone boost option, try setting microphone volume all the way to 100. If you lower the boost setting and the microphone is quieter, increasing the volume here will make it easier for people to hear you. After changing some settings, click “Apply” and test your microphone again to see if it helped things.

Microphone volume level and boost options that affect background noise

Finally, click over to the “Enhancements” tab. This tab may not be available—it depends on your PC’s audio hardware and drivers.

If there’s a “Noise Suppression” or “Noise Cancellation” option, enable it. Other options here may also help reduce background noise—for example, on the PC we tested this on, there was an “Acoustic Echo Cancellation” option that would help reduce echo caused by speakers if you’re not wearing headphones.

Click “OK” to save your changes and close the window.

Enabling Noise Suppression on Windows 10


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