Odoo 14 vs Odoo 13

Odoo ERP, the one-in-all integrated ERP software solution for all business problems, has come up with an updated and improved version this year again and it’s Odoo 14. Odoo ERP 14 has been introduced with new and advanced features and modules to improve business efficiency and user experience. As compared to the previous version of the software that was Odoo 13, this new version primarily focuses on saving more time for the employees and providing easier and faster integration between the applications.

The key difference in their document module:

The new document module of Odoo 14 is designed to create advanced spreadsheets of procurement, sales, budget, and income documents with just a click. It also helps to quickly create quick reports and analyses. This particular feature was not present in version 13.

The difference in the CRM module of both the ERP versions:

Odoo version 14 has come up with a completely new lead generation option or tab in its CRM module. This new tab or feature enables the users to easily generate leads and include details like the country, state, industry or business size, and the other aspects. Version 14 has also advanced features for adding the email addresses and phone numbers of the customers. On the other hand, version 13 only gives the expected revenue and the customer details.

Difference between Odoo 14 and 13 in terms of the purchase module:

Odoo version 14 gives more focus on the easy viewing and cleanliness of the dashboards. Odoo 14 offers a beautifully designed and compact view of the dashboard with detailed information about all requests that need to be sent, that are pending or are getting delayed instead of a complex and oversaturated list of quotations and requests like in Odoo 13.

Another new feature in this new version is the confirmation prompt feature. While the previous version did not have the ability to request or ask for confirmation from the retailers or suppliers, version 14 offers it and has this ability.

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