Maximize Your Efficiency: 10 Windows Shortcuts You Haven’t Tried Yet

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Are you tired of using your mouse all day long, clicking and scrolling through countless windows and tabs? It’s time to give your hands a break and upgrade your productivity with Windows keyboard shortcuts!

10 exciting Windows keyboard shortcut tricks To use:

  1. Windows + D: Quickly access your desktop. This shortcut minimizes all open windows and takes you straight to your desktop.
  2. Windows + L: Lock your computer. This is a quick and easy way to lock your computer when you step away from your desk.
  3. Windows + E: Open File Explorer. This shortcut opens the File Explorer, giving you access to all your files and folders.
  4. Ctrl + Shift + Esc: Open Task Manager. Need to close a frozen program or check your computer’s performance? Use this shortcut to quickly access the Task Manager.
  5. Windows + Tab: Open the Task View. This shortcut opens the Task View, allowing you to switch between open windows and apps.
  6. Windows + R: Open the Run command. This shortcut opens the Run command, allowing you to quickly launch programs or open folders.
  7. Windows + Ctrl + D: Create a virtual desktop. This shortcut creates a new virtual desktop, allowing you to separate your work into different virtual spaces.
  8. Ctrl + Shift + N: Create a new folder. This shortcut creates a new folder within File Explorer, saving you time and effort compared to right-clicking and selecting “New Folder”.
  9. Ctrl + Home: Go to the beginning of a document. Use this shortcut to quickly jump to the beginning of a document or web page.
  10. Ctrl + End: Go to the end of a document. This shortcut allows you to quickly jump to the end of a document or web page.


Windows keyboard shortcuts are a powerful tool for improving your productivity and efficiency. Whether you’re a seasoned computer user or just getting started, learning and using these shortcuts can help you get more done in less time.

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