Learning Photoshop Tools – Drawing and Type Tools (Part 1)

Photoshop is a fantastic digital art and design program, and its drawing and type capabilities are no exception. Whether you’re a professional artist, graphic designer, or simply want to experiment with your creativity, Photoshop’s drawing and type tools provide an array of options and possibilities. In this post, we’ll look at some of these tools’ important capabilities and how you may utilize them.

Drawing And Type Tools

Pen Tool helps to create incredibly accurate pathways, vector objects, and selections.

Freeform Pen Tool enables you to draw freehand paths or shapes. As you sketch, anchor points are automatically added to the path.

Curvature Pen Tool allows users to swiftly and simply construct smooth, fluid vector paths. You can easily design unique shapes, draw freeform curves, and make exact modifications to your lines and curves using the Curvature Pen Tool.

Use the Add Anchor Point Tool to add additional anchor points along a path.

Click on an existing anchor point along a path with the Delete Anchor Point Tool to remove the point.

Convert Point Tool is a useful tool for altering the curvature of an existing path by converting straight points to curved points or vice versa.

Horizontal Type Tool lets you add standard type to your document.

Vertical Type Tool adds type vertically from top to bottom.

Vertical Type Mask Tool is an intricate text tool that allows users to construct vertical text masks that may be filled with an image or pattern.

Horizontal Type Mask Tool is a flexible text tool that lets users build editable type masks in the style of a horizontal line. It’s very handy for generating text-based designs that follow the form of a shape or picture.


Drawing and type tools provide designers and artists with an array of possibilities for producing great artwork and designs. Moreover, whether you’re an experienced Photoshop user or are just getting started, being familiar with these tools and their capabilities will help you elevate your work.

You may unleash your creativity and creative skills with confidence by learning about the characteristics and advantages of each tool. Start playing around with these tools to learn new techniques for enhancing your artwork and designs in Adobe Photoshop.

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