Laravel vs. Adonis.Js

Adonis.js is an opinionated Node.js MVC framework for developing full-stack applications and APIs. Learning Adonis will give the chance to learn some concepts like migrations and working with a CLI. The best part is that you still develop using JavaScript.

Laravel is a web application framework with expressive, elegant syntax.  It uses a PHP framework that offers a lot of goodies out of the box. At the core, Laravel and Adonis share the same philosophy.

Similarities between Laravel and Adonis:

  1. They have a similar MVC structure.
  2. They come with an Object Relational Mapper (ORM). Laravel comes with Eloquent while Adonis comes with Lucid
  3. They handle session-based authentication out of the box. Adonis goes two steps forward by handling JWT and personal token auth.


  1. Laravel is more opinionated than Adonis. In fact, Laravel 7 comes out of the box with Bootstrap as the default CSS library.
  2. Laravel is more mature than Adonis. Laravel has been around since 2011 while Adonis has been in active development since 2017.

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