How to Move Files to /var/www/html in Ubuntu 20.04?

If you are a new user of Ubuntu, maybe you don’t know how to copy or move files from one folder to another location (files under computer folder). If you are used to just copying and pasting files on one folder to another folder, then it is not applicable when you are using Ubuntu operating system. In this tutorial, I will teach you how to move files to var/www/html using terminal.

Step 1. Open the terminal.

Step 2. Type the code bellow in the terminal and change the your_filename into the filename of the folder or file you want to move.

sudo mv your_filename /var/www/html

Step 3. If your local machine has a password, just type it to confirm so that it will continue to proceed to moving your files into your desired path.

After doing the steps above, you can now check the files you have moved to /var/www/html path.

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