Kotlin vs. Java

What is Kotlin?

In Kotlin vs Java, Kotlin is the newly created language that is inspired by Java, but it is an improved version of it with so many additional features. It is clean, relatively simple, and carries fewer formalities and rules compared to Java and other programming languages. In order to use this language to program Android apps, developers still need to understand basic programming concepts and structures.

What are the Benefits of Kotlin?

  1. Kotlin Application Deployment is faster to compile, lightweight, and prevents applications from increasing size. 
  2. Any chunk of code written in Kotlin is much smaller compared to Java, as it is less verbose and less code means fewer bugs.
  3. Kotlin compiles the code to a bytecode which can be executed in the JVM. Thus, all the libraries and frameworks made in Java transfer and run in a Kotlin project.
  4. Kotlin script helps to configure projects in Android Studio for auto-completion aids, and it helps to reduce compile-time error detection.
  5. It is safe against NullPointerException (The Billion Dollar Mistake ). 
  6. Kotlin incorporates coroutines, as well as interoperability with Javascript for web development.

Applications of Kotlin

  • Pinterest
  • Trello
  • Evernote
  • Twidere for Twitter
  • Shadowsocks

What is Java?

Java is the native language used by Android, applications that communicate with the operating system and directly use the hardware uses Java. This language allows the creation of any program and supports almost all types of machines, and OS X be it Android, Windows, or Linux.  Java was developed by Sun Microsystems (now the property of Oracle) and one can use Microservices with Java.

What are the Benefits of Java?

Listed below are the benefits of the Java language.

  1. Java is multiplatform and works on practically any device, server, or operating system
  2. Its coding is robust, and it is impossible for Java instruction to corrupt memory or compromise data from other applications of OS X
  3. Java is object-oriented and makes it easy to create modular applications and reuse the parts that contribute to the robustness
  4. It is ready to use, and with Java, you will get a lot of third-part code ready to use.
  5. While comparing Kotlin vs Java performance, to other languages, Java is easy to use, compiling and makes debugging and deploying even simpler
  6. Java is an open-source language that ensures safety since many of its libraries are managed by trusted companies like Google, Apache, and others.

Applications of Java

  • Spotify
  • Twitter
  • Cash App
  • Signal
  • Amaze File Manager

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