Review: The Intelligent AI Writing Assistant for Busy Students

How to compose and send a professional email with Jenni AI: Features,  pricing, and more explained


AI AI AI, it’s all over the place! It’s all the tech world has been talking about since December (or I just need to delete Twitter). Every time a new AI product is released, people wonder, “What can this one do for me?” This one, on the other hand, is intended squarely for students. is a writing assistant designed to help students improve their writing efficiency. can help you write quicker, better, and with more confidence, whether you’re writing an essay, research paper, or lab report. Jenni works as an AI assistant and document editor, generating original and distinctive material depending on prior input.

What is

Jenni is a smart AI writing system that assists you in producing articles more quickly. This helper can help you with everything from academic essays to fan fiction to top-ranking blog entries. Jenni generates the finest quality content on the market by combining proprietary AI, GPT3, AI21, and current text analysis.

Key Features

  • AI Completion – Jenni uses AI to complete your sentences if you get stuck. If you need more than a few sentences, that works too! Every time you press the right arrow, you’ll get more content.
  • Plagiarism-Free Writing – Jenni includes a built-in plagiarism checker. After 250 words, you can check to see if the generated content is available elsewhere on the internet.
  • Citations – Jenni will tell you where she obtains her quotes. If enabled, you will receive in-text citations for quoted sources.
  • Text Transformations – Jenni allows you to rewrite huge sections of text if you want to expand, paraphrase, or change the wording.

What sets Jenni apart?

If you’ve used other AI tools like Jasper or Copy, you’ve probably seen that they just generate paragraphs of material depending on your query. This isn’t always the ideal technique to create writing. Jenni not only learns from your writing, but she also encourages you to write. It even nudges you if you rely too heavily on the Intelligence.

We discussed with the design team, and they stressed that the primary difference with Jenni’s UX is that it proceeds line by line rather than producing large blocks of text. Jenni wants you to participate actively in your writing, which will result in stronger papers and more accurate AI aid. Jenni, unlike Jasper, will include citations to the sources of quoted statistics.

Who Might Benefit From

Jenni would be ideal for someone who writes frequently. Although anybody may use the program, certain organizations might benefit greatly from incorporating it into their regular process. Some of these groupings are:


Jenni is a fantastic resource for students, particularly when it comes to writing essays and personal statements. By assisting students in creating high-quality, well-written papers, the AI writing assistant may save them hours of time and effort. Imagine being able to finish a 5-page essay in a matter of hours because to Jenni’s superior AI technology.

It can also aid with essay and paper brainstorming, thanks to its text morphing feature. Jenni may help by suggesting other approaches or angles to take on an issue. This is especially beneficial for students who are having difficulty coming up with fresh ideas or who feel trapped in a rut.

It may also help students improve their grammar, sentence structure, and word choice, resulting in a higher score and a greater impact on their essay readers. Students may produce assignments that are polished and professional, rather than filled with mistakes, with Jenni’s assistance.

Non-Native English Speakers

The final argument regarding pupils applies to non-native English speakers as well. People who do not speak English as a native language frequently utilize Jargon to explain themselves more clearly and properly. Jenni’s innovative AI technology can assist non-native speakers in improving their grammar, sentence structure, and vocabulary, letting them to communicate more effectively in English.

This is especially useful for students studying at English-speaking institutions who must submit coursework and take tests in the language. Jenni’s main purpose was to help non-native speakers overcome language hurdles and fully engage in the academic and professional worlds.

Bloggers & Content Creators

Jenni can assist bloggers and content creators in writing more quickly and efficiently, helping them to create more high-quality material in less time. You can’t truly use AI to completely generate material, but utilizing it to help your workflow is something that most writers will probably start doing (if they haven’t already) before the end of the year. Sometimes all you need is a little text to keep you going!

Business Executives and Public Speakers

Jenni is a useful tool for presenters who need to produce compelling and captivating speeches in a short amount of time. The AI writing assistant may assist presenters in organizing their thoughts and ideas, resulting in presentations with a clear structure and flow. Speakers may use Jenni’s assistance to craft presentations that are not just well-written but also emotionally appealing and powerful.

Jenni may also assist presenters with proofreading and editing their presentations, identifying any grammatical problems or inappropriate language that can impede from their message. Speakers may produce polished, professional, and successful presentations with Jenni’s help, creating a lasting impact on their audience.

Jenni Pros and Cons

With each tool, there are advantages and disadvantages. Jenni is an excellent tool, but it is vital to identify where it may be improved. While the product is still in its early stages, certain faults and peculiarities are to be expected. Overall, the program performs admirably and it is quite simple to set up an account and begin writing.

Conclusion is a fantastic and transparent instance of the power of AI when combined with human authorship. It can create essays, blog articles, and other written stuff quickly and easily, and it has a user-friendly interface, making it a highly handy tool to have in your arsenal. Nevertheless, it lacks numerous essential features, like as templates and various writing modes, which may limit its value for certain types of writing.

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