How to View and Open HEIC Files in Windows (or Convert Them to JPEG)

By default, Apple’s iPhone and iPad shoot images in the HEIF image format. The file extension for these photographs is HEIC. HEIC files may be seen on Windows 10 or Windows 11 with a few mouse clicks, or they can be converted to regular JPEGs and viewed elsewhere.

How to View HEIC Files in the Photos App on Windows 10

With a few mouse clicks, you can add support for HEIC picture files to newer versions of Windows 10. This also works on Windows 11.

A HEIC file displayed without a thumbnail in File Explorer on Windows 10.
First, open File Explorer on your PC and double-click a HEIC file. When asked which program you wish to open it in, choose “Photos.”
Click "Download and install it now" to get HEIC support in the Photos app.
The Photos app will notify you that “the HEIF Image Extension is required to show this file,” and you can obtain it from the Microsoft Store by clicking the “Download and install it now” link. It’s a free download, and it just takes a few minutes to install.

When Windows prompts you, “Did you intend to switch apps?”,” choose “Yes.”

Select "Install" to download HEIF Image Extensions from the Microsoft Store.
This will open the HEIF Image Extensions page in the Microsoft Store app. Click the “Install” button to download and install support for HEIC image files (which use the HEIF format.)
A HEIC file displayed in Windows 10's Photos app.
When you open a HEIC picture in the Photos app, you can now examine it just like any other image file, such as a JPEG, PNG, GIF, or BMP.
File Explorer showing a thumbnail of an HEIC file on Windows 10.
Windows 10’s File Explorer will automatically generate and display thumbnails for your HEIC image files, too.

On Windows, how do you convert HEIC to JPEG?

Download and install CopyTrans HEIC for Windows to quickly and effortlessly convert HEIC files to regular JPG photos on Windows.

This program adds complete support for HEIC photos to Windows, making it especially helpful for Windows 7 and previous versions of Windows 10 that lack built-in support in the Photos app. It adds HEIC picture functionality to the traditional Windows Photo Viewer.

Right-click a HEIC file and select "Convert to JPEG with CopyTrans."
CopyTrans HEIC also allows you to right-click an HEIC file in File Explorer and select “Convert to JPEG” to quickly and easily convert it to a JPEG file. Select the option and you’ll get a JPEG version of the image automatically placed in the same folder as the original HEIC file.

JPEG files are more widely supported, so this will help you use the HEIC file in applications that support JPEG images but not HEIC files.

How to View HEIC Images in Other Programs

More apps are adding native HEIC picture file support in HEIF format. Adobe Photoshop, for example, can now handle these files, albeit you will need to install both the HEIF Image Extensions package and the HEVC Video Extensions program.

We also like IrfanView as a superb, straightforward image viewer. According to IrfanView’s official FAQ, HEIC picture files may be opened as long as you have either CopyTrans HEIC for Windows or the HEIF and HEVC programs installed.

Perform a web search for the name of your favorite picture viewing or editing application and “HEIC” to learn more about its HEIC capabilities.

On the Internet, How to Convert HEIC Files to JPEG

You may always utilize an online converting tool if you don’t want to install any software. You may obtain a JPEG after uploading the HEIC file.

Drag and drop HEIC files from your computer to convert them on the HEICtoJPEG website.
If you only need a rapid conversion, go to and upload up to five photographs at once. You can add one or more HEIC files from your PC to the web page by dragging and dropping them.

The website will convert those files to JPEGs for you, and the resultant JPG files may be downloaded from the page.

If dealing with HEIC files is hard for you, you may set your iPhone to capture images in the more suitable JPEG format by default. HEIC, on the other hand, provides superior image quality in fewer file sizes. It’s a more contemporary picture format, and we encourage using it if your apps support it.


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