How to Translate From Original Programming Language Into another Programming Language Using Kodezi?

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What is Kodezi?

Kodezi is an AI Development platform with features that increase programming productivity.
It uses big parameter language models that have been trained on a variety of natural and computer languages from diverse open-source sources to;

  1. Automatically debug your code using information
  2. Optimize your code based on the situation.
  3. Code can be converted from one programming language to another.
  4. Create documentation for your program.
  5. Code may be generated from Natural Language Instructions.
  6. Kodezi Chatbot is the most popular chatbot for programmers.
Tool Guides For Kodezi
  • Debugging – A multi-step process that involves discovering a problem, determining the cause of the problem, and then repairing or circumventing the problem.
  • Optimizing – Improves the code’s efficiency and quality. Code may be optimized in a variety of ways, such as by refactoring it so that fewer lines of code are necessary, less memory can be utilized, fewer input/output operations are required, or the program can run quicker.
  • Converting – The automatic conversion of algorithms from one programming language to another while retaining the structure, variables, and comments of the original code.
  • Generate Documents – For document generation, we provide three options: line-by-line commenting, code summary, and docstring.
  • Code Generation – AI-based and capable of producing complicated code from properly selected instructions or plain language pseudo-code. There are 30 distinct programming languages available.
  • Code Transformation – Natural language training may be used to transform your code.
  • Kodezi Chatbot – The top chatbot for programmers, developed to provide developers with a seamless and straightforward user experience.
Converting Programming Language (From Python to Java)

Sample Problem:

Number Analysis Program
Design a program that asks the user to enter a series of 20 numbers. The program should store the numbers in an array and then display the following data:
● The lowest number in the array
● The highest number in the array
● The total of the numbers in the array
● The average of the numbers in the array

Original Source Code (Python)

As we can see above in this image, this is a sample code of Python that I have created. Since I want to translate it into Java programming language, go to the “Select A Language” options.

After selecting the options, select Java and press Translate. Please wait for seconds to translate the language you will use.

After translating from Python, there is the translated Java Programming Language.


As a developer, it is easier to translate in any programming language in just seconds and less time consuming. Like Chat GPT, you can enter a problem related to programming and the code will generate according to the language you use. However, it has disadvantage when it comes to number of users which it can cause you a several times to search.

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