How to Migrate DHCP role from Windows Server 2008 to 2012/2016

DHCP role can be migrated from windows server 2008 to windows server 2012/2016 by just typing few commands in cmd. Here’s how:

  • Log on to the old/existing DHCP server.
  • Create a folder where you want to save the file that will be generated when you enter the following commands.
  • Open a command prompt as Administrator.
  • Type netsh dhcp server export <file_path_of_your_folder>\dhcp.txt all, and then press ENTER.
  • Install the DHCP role on the new (2012/2016) DHCP server using Server Manager.
  • Copy the exported DHCP text file to the the new DHCP server.
  • Verify that the DHCP service is installed and started on the new DHCP server.
  • Open a command prompt as Administrator (on the new server)
  • Type netsh dhcp server import <file_path_where_you_save>\dhcp.txt all, and then press ENTER
  • Open DHCP management console on the new server.
  • In the console tree, right-click DHCP.
  • Select “Authorize”.

If your old DHCP server is in the same network/subnet as the new DHCP server, you’ll notice that the old DHCP server has been de-authorized automatically. This is to prevent two DHCP servers from handing out conflicting addresses.

Check to make sure that your new DHCP has all of the same settings, options, scopes, and reservations set as the current one. If done correctly, everything should have been brought over.


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