How To Install Weka on Ubuntu 20.04

This article will show you how to install Weka on Ubuntu 20.04. Weka is a data mining task that uses machine learning methods.


Weka is a collection of machine learning algorithms in Java that can either be used from the command-line, or called from your own Java code. Weka is also ideally suited for developing new machine learning schemes.

Decision tree inducers, rule learners, model tree generators, support vector machines, locally weighted regression, instance-based learning, bagging, boosting, and stacking are among the techniques implemented. Clustering algorithms and an association rule learner are also offered. Aside from real learning techniques, Weka includes a vast number of tools for pre-processing datasets.

The binaries and examples are included in this package.

Weka may be installed in three ways on Ubuntu 20.04. The apt-get, apt, and aptitude can all be used. Each strategy will be described in detail in the sections that follow. You may select one of them.

Install Weka using apt-get

Update apt database with apt-getusing the following command

sudo apt-get update

After updating apt database, We can install weka using apt-get by running the following command:

sudo apt-get -y install weka

Install Weka using aptitude

If you wish to use this approach, you may need to install aptitude first because it is not normally installed by default on Ubuntu. Use the following command to update the apt database using aptitude.

sudo aptitude update

After updating the apt database, we can use aptitude to install Weka by executing the following command:

sudo aptitude -y install weka 
Weka Main Interface

How to uninstall Weka on Ubuntu 20.04

To uninstall only the weka package we can use the following command:

sudo apt-get remove weka 

Uninstall Weka and Its Dependencies

To uninstall weka and its dependencies that are no longer needed by Ubuntu 20.04, we can use the command below:

sudo apt-get -y autoremove weka 

Remove Weka Configurations and Data

To remove weka configuration and data from Ubuntu 20.04 we can use the following command:

sudo apt-get -y purge weka 

Remove Weka Configurations, Data, and all of its dependencies

To uninstall Weka settings, data, and all of its dependencies, run the following command:

sudo apt-get -y autoremove --purge weka 


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