Difference between Laravel and WordPress

Laravel and WordPress both are different as laravel is a framework, whereas WordPress is a Content management system. To use laravel, it is required to know the object-oriented programming to write the code and develop the web application

Basis of comparison between Laravel and WordPressLaravelWordPress
DefinitionIt is an open-source PHP web framework.It is an open-source content management system.
ArchitectureIt is based on the model view controller architectureIt has features like plugin architecture.
FrameworkIt is a framework.It is not a framework.
SimpleIt is complex as compared to WordPress.It is simpler compared to Laravel.
Website Laravel.com WordPress.org

Both Laravel vs WordPress are having own pros and cons. But both are really commendable in their expertise and usages. So, the selection of technology will always be done on the basis of future vision.



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