Customize Your VS Code Logo with CSS and JS Loader

Looking to add a personal touch to your Visual Studio Code (VS Code) workspace? You can easily customize the VS Code logo using the Custom CSS and JS Loader extension. Here’s how:

Getting started

  1. Write your custom css in Github Gist.
  1. Install this extension. Custom CSS and JS Loader
  2. Add to settings.json: "vscode_custom_css.imports": [""] VERY IMPORTANT: Items in vscode_custom_css.imports must be URLs. Plain file paths are NOT URLs.
    • Windows File URL Examplefile:///C:/Users/MyUserName/Documents/custom.css
      • The C:/ part is REQUIRED.
    • Another way is to copy the link to raw file in your custom css:
  1. Restart Visual Studio Code with proper permission to modify itself:
    • Windows: Restart with Administrator Permission.
  2. Activate command “Reload Custom CSS and JS”.
  3. Restart.

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