Controller turns android phone into a portable xbox

Microsoft does not appear to be planning a portable Xbox. There isn’t much of a necessity for such a product, given Sony’s failure with the Vita, Nintendo’s market domination with the Switch, and Microsoft’s device-agnostic business strategy. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a market for portable Xbox games. With Xbox Game Pass and the option to stream games directly from an Xbox system to the phone, Microsoft has been heavily promoting cloud gaming.

This is why the RIG MG-X, a mobile controller from Nacon, piqued many interests from the gamers. It’s an officially licensed Xbox controller that works with almost any Android phone and features all of the buttons found on a conventional Xbox One controller. This should make it a terrific match for on-the-go Game Pass games.

Good Stuff

  • Native Xbox buttons
  • Generally good controls and build quality
  • Works with phone cases

Bad Stuff

  • Terrible analog triggers
  • Bluetooth means it needs pairing
  • And charging


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