BlackBerry Waves Goodbye to Its BlackBerryOS Smartphones

End of Life of the BlackBerry Smartphone

End of life has finally come to the iconic smartphones of BlackBerry. Though it has already been declared dead a lot of times due to the fact that they’re going out of trend and losing their popularity, the company has finalized to end its services in January 4, 2022.

BlackBerry smartphones utilizing the operating system BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry 7.1 or earlier is declared to no longer reliably function on cellular networks or even over Wi-Fi. This is the statement that the company has released with regards to the topic which marks the end of its era.

One of the factors that has caused BlackBerry to lose in the mobile smartphone industry is the introduction of iPhone way back 2007. At the time, executives from RIM (the company that made BlackBerry) even made jokes about the smartphone of Apple mainly implying that consumers would never want a touchscreen smartphone with just a virtual keyboard.

Consumers, on the other hand, liked the concept of having a smartphone with a large touch screen. And, while the iPhone was a huge worldwide success, BlackBerry’s market value dropped significantly in the years following the first iPhone’s release, and the company eventually lost relevance.

Companies such as Samsung, on the other hand, quickly followed Apple’s lead with touch screen smartphones in order to remain competitive. It was too late by the time BlackBerry decided to move forward with its smartphones.

This scenario is one of the most common dilemma in the business industry wherein investing in newer trends and technology offers a great amount of risks but with these risks comes the chance to be a game-changer which will be fully accepted and enjoyed by the target consumers. Also, it provides the fact that there are times wherein keeping up with the trend and the new will lead to one’s success.


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