Boost Your Productivity with These Useful VS Code Shortcuts

Are you looking to supercharge your coding experience with Visual Studio Code (VS Code)? One way to achieve greater efficiency and speed is by mastering useful keyboard shortcuts. In this blog post, we’ll explore a collection of essential shortcuts that can significantly enhance your productivity when working with VS Code. Let’s dive in!

VS Code Shortcuts

File and Editor Shortcuts:

  • Open a file: Use Ctrl + O (Windows/Linux) or Command + O (Mac) to quickly open a file in the editor.
  • Close the current editor tab: Press Ctrl + W (Windows/Linux) or Command + W (Mac) to close the active tab.
  • Switch between open tabs: Utilize Ctrl + Tab (Windows/Linux) or Command + Tab (Mac) to navigate between open editor tabs.

Code Navigation Shortcuts:

  • Go to a specific line: Press Ctrl + G (Windows/Linux) or Command + G (Mac), followed by entering the line number, to jump directly to a specific line in the current file.
  • Go to symbol: Use Ctrl + Shift + O (Windows/Linux) or Command + Shift + O (Mac) to open the “Go to Symbol” dialog. It allows you to quickly navigate to a specific function, class, or variable within the current file.
  • Go to definition: Press F12 to jump to the definition of a symbol in your code. This shortcut is handy when you want to explore the implementation details of a function or class.

Editing Shortcuts:

  • Duplicate a line: Select a line and press Ctrl + Shift + D (Windows/Linux) or Command + Shift + D (Mac) to duplicate it. This shortcut saves you time when creating repetitive code blocks.
  • Comment/uncomment lines: Use Ctrl + / (Windows/Linux) or Command + / (Mac) to toggle comments for selected lines. It’s a quick way to add or remove comments in your code.
  • Find and replace: Press Ctrl + F (Windows/Linux) or Command + F (Mac) to open the Find dialog, allowing you to search for specific text within the current file. Additionally, use Ctrl + H (Windows/Linux) or Command + H (Mac) to open the Replace dialog, enabling you to search and replace text efficiently.

Integrated Terminal Shortcuts:

  • Toggle integrated terminal: Press Ctrl + (Windows/Linux) or Command + (Mac) to show or hide the integrated terminal in VS Code.
  • Clear the terminal: Use Ctrl + K (Windows/Linux) or Command + K (Mac) to clear the terminal window, providing a clean workspace for your commands.


By incorporating these time-saving shortcuts into your coding routine, you can streamline your workflow and achieve greater efficiency when using VS Code. Take the time to practice and internalize these shortcuts, and soon they will become second nature to you.

Remember, these are just a few examples of the many shortcuts available in VS Code. You can explore the official documentation and customize shortcuts to suit your preferences.

Now it’s your turn! Have you found these shortcuts helpful in your coding journey? Are there any other VS Code shortcuts you would recommend? Share your experiences and insights in the comments below. Happy coding!

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