Virgilio Imperial Jr.

EMR v.s. EHR

EMR or Electronic Medical Records are online medical records of the standard medical and clinical data from one provider’s office, mostly used by providers for diagnosis and treatment. EMRs are more than just a replacement for paper records. They effectively allow communication and coordination among members of a healthcare team for optimal patient care. Also, …

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PKI and its main component

Public key infrastructure (PKI) is a catch-all term for everything used to establish and manage public key encryption. And PKI is important because the combination of encryption and authentication makes trustworthy in online communication. There are two main components of PKI. It is called Cryptography and Digital Certificates. (canadapharmacyonline legit) Cryptography provides for secure communication …

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Top 10 Most Common Cybercrimes by Offense

Cybercrime is an illegal or criminal activity that uses computer or any networked device. There is a lot of illegal activities such as fraud, trafficking child pornography, stealing identity, cyberbullying, and online scam. The Top 10 Most Common Cybercrimes by Offense reported according to PNP Anti Cybercrime Group. Online Scam Online Libel Computer-related Identity Theft …

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